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Just £47 (Normal price £197 )

The bundle includes...

  • My 8 best performing Facebook ad templates to create ads that actually get attention and get read!
  • The 3 day email sequence template to nurture your leads, connect with them and get them primed and ready to buy from you!
  • The precise 7-10 day email nurture sequence I use to warm new leads, nurture them, sell AND follow up with them
  • The exact 10 day email sequences I used to grow 2 of my businesses to full time incomes without ever getting on a sales call 
  • Broadcast email templates and ideas so you NEVER run out of interesting content to use to engage your email readers
  • The ultimate sales copy swipe file - whether you're writing for a web page or to sell by email, this file will give you the exact blueprint to write high-converting copy in just a couple of hours. (Most professional copywriters charge thousands just for this component!)

Lock in your 75% discount and start writing words that sell, today!

Just £47 (Normal price £197 )

Hi. I'm Abhi.

I'm an ordinary guy and a marketing geek who has spent a lot of time studying copywriting.

Over the last year or so, I really started to develop a knack for writing ads, emails and webpages that actually turn visitors into customers.

I used that skill to grow 2 of my own coaching businesses into full time incomes from scratch...

  • Without needing to post content on social media everyday
  • Without needing to spam, follow and cold DM people
  • Without needing to stress about algorithms and organic reach
  • Without needing to throw a huge amount of money at ads

It's given me a sustainable, low-cost, low-maintenance way to generate leads, connect with them and be able to sell passively - never getting "sales-y" and not needing to do sales calls.

I now work as a full time copywriter, and marketing strategist and coach for businesses who want to actually get back to basics and be able to simplify their marketing.

I'm in a great position now with my businesses where I can:

  • Actually ENJOY being on social media and use it as a tool instead of it using me
  • Put out content when I want to and not because I need to
  • Keep my marketing focus and message simple and streamlined
  • Make growing my businesses enjoyable instead of stressful

And my mission is to help others do the same.

So that's me.

And that's honestly more than enough about me.

Because if you're reading this far...

...you're wondering what's in it for you!

That's where my sales and marketing template bundle comes in!


  • Creating tried and tested, professionally written Facebook and Instagram ads in a matter of minutes - instead of spending hours thinking about what might or might not work and fighting writers block

  • Being able to sell passively through automated emails - warm, engage with and nurture your leads into buying. I hate to use the term but a good auto responder sequence is definitely an epic 'set and forget' way of selling.

  • Having a constant stream of emails ready to go that will keep your mailing list engaged and looking forward to reading your emails

  • Saving literally thousands that an experienced copywriter might charge you for a sales page or sales email that takes them days or weeks to create - when you can get a high converting one done yourself in a couple of hours instead.

With this bundle, you'll unlock all of that because that's what it's designed to do.

Lock in your 75% discount and start writing words that sell, today!

Just £47 (Normal price £197)

There's a few other things you might want to know...

# 1 - Lifetime Access

There's no expiry date. Once you have locked in your bundle, it's yours for life.

#2 - Regular Updates

I'll keep updating the files and the templates so you'll always have the latest versions of what is and isn't working.

Plus I'll be adding new templates on an ongoing basis as I trial and test new things.

#3 - Ongoing Support & Feedback

Usually I only offer specific direct advice and coaching to my 1 to 1 clients.

But if you're struggling with wording, or something isn't working or even if you need help with tech, drop me a message (my contact details are on pretty much every page of every document).

I'll get you sorted or at least point you in the right direction.

#4 - Money Back Guarantee

Goes without saying.

In the unlikely event that you're unhappy with your templates and I haven't been able to rectify the situation for you, I'll happily refund you every penny you've paid.

#5 - Yes This Is Genuinely 75% Off And Yes You Can Check For Yourself If You Want

You won't find this offer anywhere else and I'm not pretending to have an inflated price.

You can literally go to the home page (webbusinesslabs.com) after you're done here, click on the big blue button and check the price it's at - it's £197 on there. That's my standard price for this.


Lock in your 75% discount and start writing words that sell, today!

Just £47 (Normal price £197)


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