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Hi I'm Abhi.

  • I don't have selfies in front of sports cars.
  • I haven't hit the dizzy heights of 10k months.
  • I haven't got any secret tricks or formulas.

I'm an ordinary guy who enjoyed the marketing and writing side of his coaching business and that became my passion.

I've never had a big budget to spend on ads or a huge following anywhere (I've been trying to cut my time on social media to be honest).

So I needed to find something that works and lets me keep my marketing simple.

And that's the beauty of this blueprint.  

The only thing I needed my marketing and content to do was get my target audience to opt in to my email list.

Then following the steps in this blueprint took care of the rest.

If you're...

  • Done with trying to crack algorithms
  • Want to stop throwing a ton of money at more complicated funnels and challenges and ad set ups
  • Are ready to stop stressing about organic reach, followings, and spammy cold DMs

...this might be exactly what you're looking for.

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