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Home Bake Box

I was involved in a website and baking business called Home Bake Box.

The website is still live and all the content on the blog posts, as well as the ebook were written by myself.

The main articles I would like to draw your attention to are:

Everything You Need To Know About Making Perfect MacaronsLive Link

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The Complete Meringue MasterclassLive Link

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A Tribute To Salted CaramelLive Link

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This is one of my own Amazon niche sites. I built the site myself, wrote all the content and sourced all the images and added whatever graphics I needed to. I have not devoted the time to it that I would have liked, but within a couple of months it started earning from the Amazon associates programme so I wasn’t too worried.

Of course feel free to browse the site, but the key posts I’d like to draw your attention to are as below.

Best Surfboard Storage RacksLive Link

What Size Surfboard Should I GetLive Link

Best Surf Spots In FloridaLive Link


I wrote 5 articles on shopping cart abandonment for an app called Logik towards the end of 2015. The app is no longer running however I have kept the articles, which you can read below.

  • Why Your Buyers Keep Abandoning YouLive Link
  • Now You Can Calculate How Much Cart Abandonment Is Costing YouLive Link
  • Recovering Your Abandoned Cart With FacebookLive Link
  • Infusionsoft Cart Abandonment FeaturesLive Link
  • Setting Up Cart Recovery In InfusionsoftLive Link


Given my love of health and fitness, and that I am also a qualified and active personal trainer, it’s probably no great surprise that I have considerable experience of writing on this topic. From blog posts, to website copy to long sales page copy as well – and some bits of online social media content and video scripting, health and fitness seems to get the best out of me.

I have included some samples below from the various projects I have been involved in.


The Complete Guide To Vegan Protein Powders – Vegan Fit Hero –

Squat Tutorial – For A Local Fitness Bootcamp – Click Here To View PDF 

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