Why I Unfollowed A Social Media Giant On Twitter

When I first got into social media, I was always looking at what the top social media experts were doing, finding my role models, trying to see how I could be different – what would set me, my image, my reputation and my clients apart from the rest of the herd.

During that time of course, I have picked a fairly hefty list of experts I follow, and almost all the ones who are still around (social media marketing can be a fickle game, you need to be in it for the long haul) still interest, still give me something to admire and look up to.

So it’s disappointing that one of these experts I have now unfollowed (shock horror!). Now make no mistake, this guy (yes male, but I am not naming him before you wonder) is extremely successful and extremely knowledgeable. He is an ace marketer, has a Twitter following of over 60,000 and knows anything and everything there is to know about social media marketing.

So you are probably wondering why I decided to unfollow him?


This is probably the one thing which I actively stop my clients from doing – I don’t like being associated with spam or the like.

So for a while, this expert was posting up multiple updates – 7,8…goodness knows how many – every hour. At first I thought it was great because I am getting a load of awesome info delivered straight to me. It was obvious that it was using an automated service and I was getting blog posts going back as far as 2009 coming to me.

But the novelty wore off. I couldn’t tell which of the dozens of updates I was getting every hour were recent or real, which were new and which would give me something from 2 years ago which is quite likely to be out of date by now. So I stopped clicking on the links in his tweets altogether. And I stopped trying to have a conversation with him.

All the latest news, stuff which would be genuinely of interest to me was getting pushed further and further down my timeline, drowned in a sea of automated spamming.

Obviously one voice in a base of over 60,000 isn’t going to bother this expert, but how many of you have that many followers? How many others in those 60,000 might be thinking the same as me? Imagine if you have 200 or 300 targeted followers for your business. Lose 5-6 because of spamming and that is a decent chunk going.

Don’t be like that particular social media expert and don’t make your interested followers want to switch off. Automated Tweeting doesn’t work.

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