Teespring Releases Free Facebook Ads Course

Teespring, the online t-shirt printing site which doesn’t charge you and doesn’t print your t-shirts unless you hit a certain minimum number has released a free mini course on running Facebook ads.

Facebook ads has been the marketing method of choice for most of the prominent and successful internet marketing peeps who are using Teespring as an income source.

I have heard horror stories of Facebook ads to Teespring, when done wrong, resulting in some people having their entire ad account banned.

I think it is a wise move for Teespring to bring out this course – it will probably help more people find success with their Teespring campaigns, which will in turn bring more cash into their coffers and also into their cutstomers’ as well.

Win-win I guess.

I have added all of the Teepsring Facebook ads course in the videos below to check out. It really is at a beginners level and Facebook ads have a lot more to them than this, but it is a very strong starting point for a beginner.

Part 1 – Introduction To Facebook Ads

Part 1 unsurprisingly, simply lays the foundation for using Facebook marketing for Teespring campaigns. It is largely just an overview of using Facebook ads, how powerful they can be and why you would want to use them.

Part 2 – Designing Your Ad Image

This is where we start to go a bit more into detail about how to get the most out of the images you use in Facebook ads, by walking you through designing an effective ad in Photoshop or how to use a free alternative.

Part 3 – Setting Up A Facebook Page

A very basic overview of how to set up a Facebook page to be able to promote your Teespring campaign. They recommend setting up a general apparel brand page so you can use it for multiple Teespring campaigns.

Part 4 – Conversion Tracking

The course then goes on to conversion tracking – in other words, how to measure how well your Facebook ad campaign is working, whether it is getting you the sales and results you want.

Part 5 – Creating An Ad

All the basics you need of how to set up a Facebook ad campaign for your Teespring t-shirts.

Part 6 – Managing Ads

How to manage the ad campaigns you’re running on Facebook – checking on your ads, optimizing them and assessing performance.

Like I said, this mini course is very basic but for a beginner using Facebook ads for Teespring, it is absolutely perfect.

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