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How To Improve Your Facebook Edgerank

In case you didn’t already know what Edgerank is, here you go… Edgerank is Facebooks algorithm (aka secret formula) for determining how many people see your posts from your fan page in their news feed. Unsurprisingly, Facebook keep the exact formula a closely guarded secret – if they didn’t every single page would try to manipulate anything and everything possible …

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Facebook Pages Being Merged Or Disappearing

Bit of an unusual situation I want to talk about. This hasn’t happened to me or any of my clients, but a good friend of mine… Disappearing And Merging Facebook Fan Pages So this is what happened… The person in question runs a fan website for a celebrity. They run a corresponding Twitter account and also used to run a …

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What Pages Are Liking You?

How to see which pages liked you on Facebook… This is a pretty new feature on Facebook. Start with the basics – you set up a Facebook page for your business first of all. This is the one that Facebook users hit the ‘Like’ button on. If you have a ‘Friend’ or ‘Subscribe’ button, you shouldn’t be using this for …

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