Real Time Business Building Part 3 – 1 July 2013

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So….the last couple of weeks have hit a bit of a stall on productivity, as other things have taken over, and the coming couple of weeks will also, due to other work and travel commitments. But it is nothing to worry about. I still have a clear plan in my head, and although it is taking me longer, I am still constantly working towards it.

So what has been done in the last couple of weeks – since 16 June?

I haven’t been completely idle on this little project of mine!

3 More Blog Posts

I wrote 3 more blog posts, all very specific to my niche, to help pad out my site a bit more and make it look alive and….well….of some kind of use.

I am not just throwing together any old rubbish, there is genuine time, thought and care going into each of these posts because quality is a huge thing to me. If I don’t think something has been done to the best it can, I will start from scratch.

I could probably have just thrown together any old articles, of mediocre quality but I don’t think I would be building a long term sustainable business or income source that way. So 3 top quality articles in a week is pretty good going.


Auto Responders

You may be wondering – I have been writing blog posts since I started this experiment, but with no real attempt at promotion as of yet

Well this is why. I wanted to build up a sequence of auto responders, which go out to new mailing list sign ups every 3-4 days. And writing all these blog posts would give me enough to set me up for at least 2 months!

What I did was I made a google doc spreadsheet – which basically maps out my auto responder sequence.

So someone opts in to my mailing list and they get their free download.

After 3 days, they get an email about one of my blog posts closely related to it. Then 2-3 days after that, another email about another blog post – with a link back to it.

So I can be driving traffic to my blog through that sequence. The only manual work is then adding more blog posts and getting people to opt in to the list in the first place.

Normally I would do more in terms of split testing, testing subject lines – that sort of thing. But I want to keep this simple for you guys, and that can be quite time consuming and more advanced.


At the same time as working on my auto responders map, I had decided how I am going to monetise my mailing list.

There are 2 things I am going to be focussing on for now: Affiliate offers to start with, and a membership site as a long term sell.

I have gone through affiliate market places, picked out some great high quality digital products from reputed names that I know, that convert and sell well, and are appropriate for my mailing list. All of these things are important, as quality is high.

Now in terms of actually making money from that, I have set up some auto responders in my sequence, specifically to work as a sales pitch – including my affiliate link, for my readers to buy through. What you have to remember is that while your readers are loyal to you, they won’t be so loyal to someone else you point them to, so you may need to promote the same product 2 or 3 times to see some momentum on sales.

The second one is a membership site, with low recurring monthly fees. I already know what I am going to do for this. However this is a bit of a longer term plan. I want to build a relationship on Facebook, on my mailing list and on other social networks, before I really start promoting this. I can start on building it now, and it won’t take long, and it ties in well to my opt in giveaway (free e-book) but with a good relationship, it will sell itself with some very subtle promotion.


Well with no real promotion or traffic driving, what would you expect to happen? Yeah the stats are pretty damning here….

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 12.11.44
Not a pretty sight

The lesson in all this…..GET TRAFFIC for your website. You can have the most amazing content or products in the world, but with no traffic you’re dead in the water.

Action Plan For Next 2 Weeks

I think given how my next couple of weeks is looking, my next update will be mid July some time. I like doing daily updates, but at the minute I am a bit over-committed making it a bit unfeasible.

But the plan for the next 2 weeks is:

  • 3 more blog posts and added into autoresponder sequence
  • Gain traffic through Twitter and Pinterest
  • Start using the site’s Facebook page – and paid ad campaigns to drive opt-ins
  • Start engaging with new likes and fans on Facebook page to build community
  • Keep driving opt ins, into auto responder sequence
  • Start building up membership site – it is going to be an add-on to my existing site, so there won’t be a huge amount of new setting up or building from scratch to do. It is just getting the content in there basically!

Stats At End Of Week 2

Traffic (Unique Visitors): 46 (Change: +46)
Facebook likes: 0 (Change: 0)
Mailing list: 1 (Change: +1)
Twitter followers: 22 (Change: +22)
Pinterest followers: 0 (Change: 0)
Revenue: 0 (Change: 0)

Stats At End Of Week 4

Traffic (Unique Visitors): 6 (Change: -40)
Facebook likes: 0 (Change: 0)
Mailing list: 1 (Change: 0)
Twitter followers: 32 (Change: +12)
Pinterest followers: 3 (Change: +3)
Revenue: 0 (Change: 0)

If you have any thoughts, comments or feedback you’d like to provide, by all means let me know. I respond to all comments personally!

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