Real Time Business Building – Part 2 – 16 June 2013

If you missed part 1 of this series, make sure you check it out.

So this is what’s happened over the previous week:

pinterest-1345141049_600Sunday 9 June 2013

  • I set up a branded Twitter profile, and a Pinterest profile, and hooked them all up with my blog and my Facebook page
  • I completed and published a 2nd blog post
  • I followed about 30 people in the same niche on Twitter
  • I started repinning 4-5 images on Pinterest, again from the same niche
  • I got the first 2 emails in my auto-responder sequence in place
  • I set up Google analytics to filter out my IP address, so I don’t screw up my own stats
  • I emailed my Web Business Labs mailing list to let them know about this case study
  • I uploaded my blog posts and a couple of image posts to Facebook (still on 0 likes as no traffic has been driven to it as of yet)

Monday 10 June 2013

  • I wrote another 2 blog posts, and added them to my auto-responder sequence.
  • I pre-scheduled them to release later in the week, about 2 days apart.
  • I created image and graphics links for them
  • I followed another 20 people on Twitter, and left them a tweet to interact with them
  • I followed 5 Pinterest users, commented and re-pinned some of their pins
  • Another 2 image posts for the Facebook page were pre-scheduled

What you will see with my use of social media is that I am not going in expecting to be given authority right away, I am going in with a giving hand, putting the people I want to follow on a bit of a pedestal. One of the best things I learned is that the best way to network is go in with the giving hand, and give grandly. You will build a loyal fan base very quickly that way.

Tuesday 11 June, Wednesday 12 June, Thursday 13 June 2013

Absolutely no progress, just checked on my own stats a little bit but other work was prioritised so not much was done.

Friday 14 June 2013

Back on it today I think.

Today’s plan is to focus on creating even more content.

When you reach a certain threshold, you can bring down the quantity of content you’re creating, but until that point you face a bit of a constant uphill battle. You don’t want your visitors to be coming to a blank Facebook page or web site with nothing on it. You want them to see you as a great resource from the first impression. That is why I am going very heavy on content creation to start off, and then bringing it down substantially when I hit a certain point of critical mass.

So the plan for today.

  • 2 more blog posts with custom images
  • Interacting with and following 20-25 more Twitter users in my niche
  • Pinterest interaction – pinning and commenting on others’ pins and following a few more pinners
  • Facebook page – adding content on to there, pre-scheduling blog posts to go up there
  • Planning first Facebook ad campaign
  • Building up the auto responder sequence

I am a bit behind on where I want to be as a result of being busy with other things the last couple of days, but life happens. There is no excuse to not push on now.

Saturday 15 June 2013

Still behind, other work really has taken precedence.

I only got 1 post done yesterday, and may not have time today. Which is extremely frustrating as I want to have a proper good go at this.

The plan for now is to get 1 more blog post done in the evening today, and add my 5 or 6 blog posts up to now on to my auto responder sequence.

My test website is starting to get tiny flows of traffic now so I want to be ready for any opt-ins that come in.

Overall Traffic


Stats at end of week 1

Traffic: 0
Facebook likes: 0
Mailing list: 0
Twitter followers: 0
Pinterest followers: 0
Revenue: 0

Stats at end of week 2

Traffic (Unique Visitors): 46 (Change: +46)
Facebook likes: 0 (Change: 0)
Mailing list: 1 (Change: +1)
Twitter followers: 22 (Change: +22)
Pinterest followers: 0 (Change: 0)
Revenue: 0 (Change: 0)


Not as productive a week as I would have liked. Not been able to crack on or get as far as I would have liked. Next week I would like 3 more blog posts done, my auto responders set up and actually proper promotion.

The fact that I had 46 new visitors to my site this week says to me that this could really work even with little paid traffic, but with qualified and targeted visitors coming in, the potential is infinite.

My focus for this week is on content, monetization and promotion. If I am not driving real actual traffic and building up the Facebook page by this time next week, then I will be extremely annoyed!

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