Real Time Business Building – Part 1 – 9 June 2013

As a sort of relaunch for this blog, I thought it’d be a great idea to do a sort of real time case study.

I want to build a high traffic website, a powerful mailing list and a steady passive income stream from scratch. All live right before your eyes. I’ll be updating this on a weekly basis, with some stats, results, and what I have done over the previous week.

I won’t be saying the niche or website I have created for these as I don’t want to impact the results.

With focus, dedication and a good work ethic, the steps below, that took me well over a month to put together can and should be doable in under a week.

[infopane color=”1″ icon=”0101.png”]I am giving you a brief overview of each step, rather than going through all the technical stuff. If you have any questions on any of the technical stuff, feel free to just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you with specific help.[/infopane]

1) Choose a niche

Personally I think that if people care and are passionate about something, there is profit to be made in any niche or topic you go to. So that is your first step choose a niche, something which has a passionate loyal following. Really it should be something you’re interested and passionate about as well.

I went for the route of choosing a niche and then a sub-niche within that. An example would be your niche being dog training and your sub-niche being golden retriever training.

I chose my niche and sub-niche based on something which I am passionate about, and something which I know has a very passionate following.

If you are struggling to choose a niche for yourself, I would recommend getting some professional help in choosing a niche. The number 1 resource in my view, which has helped me  A LOT in growing my online business is Mark Acutt’s Niche Selection. No other resource online will go through choosing profitable niches online as thoroughly as this.

2) Get a brand and domain

In other words, take your niche and turn it into a name – and ideally one with an available .com domain name.

Taking this step by step, first you have to choose a name – and keep it simple. You want something which sells the benefits of your website. So if someone came to me and said they have a great idea for a blog on the benefits of outsourcing work, I would say a great website name (if they were still available) would be something like or It sells the benefits, which is exactly what you want.

Then of course, is finding the available .com domain name. You don’t want regional domains (like or .ca) because the internet is global and you don’t want to restrict yourself to 1 area. I got very very very lucky with the domain I picked up for my niche, because I got the perfect domain, still available.

For getting a domain name, my provider of choice is definitely GoDaddy.

NOTE: You ONLY want to buy the domain name and maybe privacy settings from GoDaddy. That is all. NOTHING else.

3) Set up your website – with hosting, WordPress and OptimizePress

I will skip over the intricate step by step details. But to give you an overview:

You need web hosting to save your website online – I use TSO Host. They are truly fantastic. Go for the Linux Pro Package. Then you need to point your DNS servers to TSO Host.

The next step is to install WordPress. If you use TSO Host, you will do this as a 1-click installation through a program called Softaculous, while other hosts use a program called Fantastico.

And then I used my favourite online marketing theme, called OptimizePress. Anyone trying to make money online, in my opinion, should be using OptimizePress – it is easy for beginners and advanced enough for experienced marketers to use. You can check out OptimizePress for yourself by clicking here.

4) Set up OptimizePress

I set up my home page as a squeeze page – so a basic page with a graphic of a free ebook I’m giving away, and the email entry box for people to sign up to my mailing list.

I added a blog, contact page and your standard privacy policy, disclaimer, terms & conditions pages.

5) Branding and eBook

I did a very simple but stylish text logo which is now my branding. I wrote a short 20 page ebook specifically aimed at my target market, did a cover and a 3D graphic version. I uploaded the graphic to the home page, used the logo on my site and uploaded the eBook to a download.

6) Mailing list

I set up a mailing list using Mailchimp, set up the optin form in OptimizePress and the appropriate links to confirmation page and download page. So as soon as someone signs up and confirms their email address (aka double opt-in), they geta  link to download the eBook.

7) Set up Facebook page

I set up a Facebook page with my branding and everything, all ready to launch with the site.

8) I wrote my first blog post

Yesterday, 8 June 2013, I wrote and published the first blog post on the site. I went for a fairly simple, but slightly controversial article.

9) I set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

The 2 obvious tools for monitoring site traffic and overall health. I will be paying attention to both of these closely over the coming weeks and months.

And that’s it for this week.

Goals for next week

  1. Add in 5 or 6 more blog posts so when I start driving traffic, they aren’t going to just a completely dead site. 
  2. Build an auto responder sequence. So when someone signs up to the email list they automatically get a new email (to help build a relationship) every few days.
  3. Start adding content to Facebook page
  4. 3 monetisation strategies. I already have 2, which I will detail next week.
  5. Start driving traffic.

Current Stats

As you can see from the screenshot below, my total visitor count so far is a grand total of 1. That 1 of course, being myself.


Visitor Count: 0
Mailing List Count: 0
Income: $0 (£0)

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