How To Improve Your Facebook Edgerank

In case you didn’t already know what Edgerank is, here you go…

Edgerank is Facebooks algorithm (aka secret formula) for determining how many people see your posts from your fan page in their news feed.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook keep the exact formula a closely guarded secret – if they didn’t every single page would try to manipulate anything and everything possible to meet the criteria they set.

For now all we can really say is that how much a user or users engage with your page is the deciding factor. If you have a page that you update regularly and it gets lots of comments, shares and likes on every post you make then you will have a high Edgerank score. This in turn means that you will show up in more users’ news feeds.

On an individual level, if a user engages with updates from your page you have a high affinity with them and even if your overall Edgerank score is on the low side, you will still show up on users’ feeds where you have that high affinity.

Since listing on the stock market, unsurprisingly Facebook has become much more financially focussed . They have shareholders and need to turn a profit. Advertising is their number 1 source of income so unsurprisingly they are going to push promotion a lot harder.

Occasionally, this means that as a result of the algorithm you may suffer a sudden, random and inexplicable drop in Edgerank as I experienced on one of the bigger pages I manage.

This is a page that has nearly 800k likes. Each and every update we post gets thousands of likes and usually thousands of comments as well. The average reach of each post is usually huge.

Until the algorithm kicks us in the nuts.

The reach of our posts will drop to 25-30% of what a typical post was doing before. For no obvious or apparent reason, apart from the fact that Edgerank decided it’s time to fork up some $$$.

This page in particular drives a steady 6-figure annual revenue stream for my client and this huge drop could hit their earnings and therefore my earnings massively.

It could take weeks or months to build up our page’s Edgerank back to the levels it was before the random mood swing.

But thankfully, there is a shortcut.

I chose one post from the previous week which had a high engagement rate and turned it into a paid post. And all we put in was $50 towards paying for it.

And as if by magic, the engagement rate on the next few new updates tripled!

It may seem like a bit of a kick or a bit of extortion that you have to pay for your posts to be seen, but a 6 figure revenue stream was built off an entirely free tool. The occasional $50 handout is tiny by comparison. Not just for this client, but for most businesses of any size. $50 really is nothing to be able to use and grow with one of the biggest (usually) free marketing tools in the world.

So follow the above, your Edgerank will get a boost and you’ll keep your bottom line happy.

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