How To Become A Twitter Celebrity

Twitter is one of the biggest social networks in the world, and being a celebrity on there, with a 5 or 6 digit following means that with a few easy steps, and regular maintenance you can market yourself virtually on auto pilot. It’s one of those things – when you are a big name, you attract attention BECAUSE you are a big name, and if you’re not a big name, you don’t because you’re not a big name. Horrible vicious cycle.

So how do you make that leap from small fry to talk of the Twitter town?

Here are a few key tips to help you on your way.

1. Consistency

Posting regular updates is key. No one is going to follow someone or see any reason to follow someone who hasn’t shared anything, let alone anything interesting, in the last 3 months.

2. Persistency

Unlike Hollywood, becoming a celebrity on Twitter isn’t an overnight process (yes, I know that even in Hollywood actors need to work hard and train themselves for years, but it doesn’t detract from the fantasy of becoming an overnight sensation!). You have to graft, you have to keep at it, you have to earn it.

Yes part of it is luck, and becoming famous overnight would be a lot down to luck, but if you are committed and show the will power to do it, you will get there.

3. Specialise

It is pretty obvious to some, but a lot of people don’t know that in marketing, if you try to target everybody, you attract no one.

If you specialise, yes you are limiting who you appeal to, but the ones you do appeal to will love you for it.

If I have a Ferrari (I am tempted to change that “if” to “when”, but I can’t make my mind up whether it is a practical enough car, that is the only reason, honest!) I am not going to take it to the mechanic at the end of the road to deal with it. I am going to go to the ‘Ferrari guy’. You need to be that Ferrari guy.

4. Be Interesting

Goes without saying that you should be interesting, or no one will follow you. Interesting means mixing it up between posting informative tweets and entertaining tweets.With ours, you’ll often see me mixing it up between blog posts, social media tweets, re-tweeting others’ content, getting into conversation, and I throw in a lot of one liner jokes too. I don’t want to be just the social media guy, I want to be the awesome, super-cool, really nice, fun social media guy who people love to talk to whether in person or online.

5. Be Personal

Get your personality across. This goes back to the thing I said in point 4, but I’ll say it again here:

I don’t want to be just the social media guy, I want to be the awesome, super-cool, really nice, fun social media guy who people love to talk to whether in person or online.

I will always try to get my personality across in my posts whether on Facebook, in my blog, or on Twitter. And I will always try to share little tit-bits of my life – things I like doing, what things I have been getting up to.

If readers develop a personal connection with you, especially a genuine one which you are reciprocating on, you will hold on to them a lot longer and they will love to fight your corner.

NOTE: I would NEVER recommend giving out any personal information which could risk your own personal information or security. To a lot of you that will be quite obvious, but to some it needs to be emphasises again. There is a difference between personality and personal information.

6. An Interesting Profile And Bio

A lot of people neglect what their profile should look like. You need to have your face known, so people can see they’re interacting with someone real. Your bio is key as well. When you follow someone, they will probably get an email saying you’re following them. What shows up in that email is your profile picture, your user name and your bio.

If you have an interesting bio, those people you are following are much more likely to check you out.

Case in point being WebBusinessLabs – I used to have a boring corporate bio, something about us being good at social media. We would follow some interesting people and get next to no response.

7. Follow Interesting People

Following on from point 6, you need to start following people to get yourself out there a bit more.

It doesn’t have to be people in your chosen area, but find people that interest you and follow them. That doesn’t mean turning into a spammer and getting your account suspended. Be selective, be choosy, but not overly so, and you’ll find that more often than not, other Twitter users, if nothing else then at least out of courtesy, will follow you back. With an interesting profile set up, you’re much more likely to get that response.

8. Engage Your Followers

You won’t get far if you just post out a load of tweets and any sort of conversation you have on Twitter results in a single directional flow of traffic. Ask people questions, join in conversations, acknowledge answers and respond too. Small simple steps like this help you create a bond with other users.

Obviously as you get more and more popular, you can’t engage with ALL of your followers individually, and you will need to be a bit more selective, but if you are consistent with it, your personality and intention will still shine through.

9. Use A Twitter App

Although I am completely against automating Twitter usage (it needs to be personal and you can’t do that automated), a Twitter app like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite will help make your life a lot easier.

You can see everything you need to on one screen which will help you manage it a lot more easily.

An additional bonus is being able to pre-schedule tweets so you can get in touch with followers all over the world. You might be in India, and your niche might reach out to a lot of American followers. In all likeliness, their Twitter prime time is your sleep prime time. If you pre-schedule your tweets, you can reach out to these followers while they are online and start picking up some interaction during the day yourself personally.

10. Take The Downs As Well As The Ups

As with all celebrities, there will be someone who will want to bring you down. Especially on a medium as uncontrolled as the internet and on a platform as public as Twitter. If you get to a certain point, you WILL have nay-sayers trying to peg you back.

BUT you can really let your personality shine, show your followers you know when to accept criticism, show you care about your reputation and want to publicly turn a negative into a positive. If the negative person doesn’t engage you again, they probably decided they don’t want to fight a losing battle and retracted. If they do come back, repeat the process.

Not everyone will want to be appeased though and if you do your best and show yourself to be that positive minded happy person, that’s what your followers will remember.

I hope that helps you guys, I look forward to reading about you and your celebrity antics in the Twitterverse. Just promise you won’t have Twitter babies and give them ridiculous celeb-style names.

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