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My name is Abhi Gupta and I’m a full time web geek, earning my living from providing digital content and marketing services to businesses and websites of all shapes and sizes and looking forward to helping you do the same!

It Started By Accident

A few years ago I was scraping along in a mind-numbing, soul-destroying corporate job, climbing the career ladder like a lot of you probably are. I always knew I wanted more out of life than this but had no idea what or where or when I’d find it.

I was never a literary person and didn’t think I was a creative type but I was in a position where I knew I needed to be able to navigate both of these fields reasonably well.

I spent the next few months studying, watching, learning before finally doing.

Fast forward a few years and I am making a steady full time income for myself using the internet, through writing for other websites and having developed a bit of an eye for making visually appealing content.

Why Web Business Labs?

I feel like I’m in a good space now with my own niche in the online content services market.

When hiring a writer for regular content for your blog or website, you end up with two options.

First of all you can go cheap, get articles written by someone who isn’t a native English speaker, and spend so much time re-writing what you are given that you may as well have written the piece from scratch yourself.

Your other option is to go for someone who provides high quality writing, but you end up paying through the nose for this content.

So that is where I come in – providing high quality, authority-site level written content for you at a reasonable, affordable price so it is accessible to everyone.

I Like To Think I Know What I’m Talking About…

I have been writing for various websites for a few years – the articles on this site itself date back to 2011!

Plus you can take a look at some samples of my writing quality here:

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I Should Be More Active On Social Media

I’m not active enough because I spend most of my time writing for other people, I barely get time for myself any more. But if you ever want to see what I am up to on social media, here you go…